Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Beginnings are always a little awkward. But they can also be really awesome.

I’ve wanted to start a blog to chronicle my adventures for quite some time, but a combined fear of judgement and the crushing pressure of feeling like I have to do everything exactly right the first time around made this journey a long one. Leaps of faith aren’t really my strong suit. I remember before my wedding, I had the worst cold feet ever. It wasn’t because I didn’t love my husband or because I thought that our marriage wouldn’t work, but quite simply because I am afraid of venturing into things that I have never done before. I remember asking my mom, the week before my wedding, “what if I fail?” And her response? “But what if you don’t?” It was that day that I began to understand the beauty and the value of taking a leap of faith every once in a while. Any kind of major achievement doesn’t come without taking a few risks, and the “what if” questions work both ways. What if I fail, what if it sucks, what if I was right to be afraid? These questions could just as easily be what if I succeed, what if it’s amazing, and what if the reward is worth so much more than the risk?

Along with that really deep and poetic reason to start my blogging adventure, I have recently realized that taking an obscene amount of pictures of my dog and not being able to share them with the whole world isn’t really that much fun. So let the games begin!

From here on out, you can expect to see many a dog picture, stories from my travels through Florida, Kansas, and everywhere in between, and what I feel are the moments in life worth savoring.

My favorite dinosaur is a velociraptor and I’d be down to do some karate in the garage, so let’s become best friends and start our adventure together.