The Ultimate Pioneering Adventure: Blackwater River State Park

The Ultimate Pioneering Adventure: Blackwater River State Park

After all of my birthday shenanigans the night before, I came home and finished packing and loading up the car and started my adventure to Kansas the next morning. My first stop was in Pensacola, Florida to visit with Troy’s family and our friends up in the panhandle. It’s only about a seven hour drive from my parents’ house in Tampa to my in-laws’ house up North, so over-all, not a too terribly traumatic experience for anyone, including Chewy.

However, I knew the days to follow were going to be not as fun for Chewy so once I met up with everyone in Pensacola, we decided to take the dogs on an adventure and let them all burn off some energy. Together my sister in-law and one of our good friends loaded up a total of four dogs into the truck: we brought Chewy, Jetta (Chewy’s momma), Nova (Chewy’s sister), and Titan (Chewy’s buddy). And off to the river we went!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in the Pensacola area is take the dogs to Blackwater River State Park. My sister in-law knows an awesome spot that’s never too crowded, and even though Chewy isn’t big into water, he still has a ton of fun playing with his buddies and digging in the sand (something he’s never allowed to do at home). It’s also fun for humans too. The water is always nice and cool no matter how hot it gets outside. The river bed is comprised of tiny little pebbles that have been smoothed by the current that you can squish your toes in. Overall, it’s a really great place for the peeps and pups. The only thing you really have to be prepared for out here is bringing enough towels and sheets to cover your car seats with because neither you nor your dogs will be clean when you leave.

Of course I had to take several pictures of the day’s adventures, including a few family portraits of the dogs.




Its hard for me to believe my big, gangly pup came out of this tiny, elegant creature.


The family portrait only took one million tries to get right. Photographing one dog is tricky. Photographing four dogs is actually impossible. Left to right is: Chewy’s buddy Titan, Mom Jetta, sister Nova, and my pup Chewy.


Let this be a testement to little brothers everywhere: your sister can still kick your ass even though you’re bigger than her. Nova was running circles around Chewy and was much braver than him in the water.



When I said it took a million tries to get the family portrait photos, that was not a lie. Here are only a few of the outtakes.



The best part of the whole Blackwater River State Park adventure was how tired the pups were afterwards. With one dirty and sleepy (and very happy) pup, it’s on to Little River Canyon National Preserve!

What are some of your favorite places to go to tucker out your adventure pups?