The Ultimate Pioneering Adventure: Little River Canyon National Preserve

The Ultimate Pioneering Adventure: Little River Canyon National Preserve

After leaving Pensacola, Florida, our next stop on the way to Kansas was Little River Canyon National Preserve in Fort Payne, Alabama. It was only about a five hour drive from my in-laws’ place so Chewy and I got an early start and were at Little River Canyon by 9:00 AM. Because I wanted to get us up to Cumberland Gap in Tennessee by sun down of the same day, we only spent about two hours at Little River Canyon. In order to maximize time, I took the scenic drive through the preserve which takes you to a series of overlooks over each part of the canyon. The scenic drive was absolutely beautiful and allowed me to see everything without hiking miles and miles around the canyon (that’ll be an adventure for another time).

We did do some walking down by the falls on the first stop of the scenic drive. Then after that, it was a slow drive up the winding mountain side to see all of the breathtaking overlooks.




Since I’m making this trip in the summertime, the river isn’t as high as it normally would be. Looking at the river in its current state, it’s hard to imagine that it could carve a canyon this breathtaking.


“EVERYTHING the light touches?”

“Yes, Chewy.”


Every single overlook we stopped at had amazing views. My favorites were the ones where you could see the river and all of the rock formations. When the river is higher, the falls are more prominent which is something I definitely think would be worth a trip back here to see.

I know Midwesterners have the reputation for being America’s nice guys, but in my (biased) opinion, I believe that nothing beats good, Southern manners. The drive up through Fort Payne, Alabama to get to Little River Canyon definitely solidified that opinion. Everyone was sweet – the people at the visitor center when I got there, the woman at the gas station when I left, and everyone in between. Nothing beats “please” and “thank you” for me and I have my home state and my Mom to thank for that. Those manners and lessons are something I’ll take with me no matter where this tumbleweed rolls off to.


Aaaand on the road again!

Once we stretched our legs and saw the view from each of the overlooks on the scenic drive, it was back on the road to our next stop – Cumberland Gap National Park!