Meet June Bug: The Newest Adventure Pup

Meet June Bug: The Newest Adventure Pup

Meet June Bug! She’s the newest adventure pup in the Presley pack.

After Troy returned home from his deployment, he had a few weeks of leave which we used to go visit our families in Florida. We’d been wanting a puppy for a while to give Chewy a buddy and, while we were visiting Troy’s family in the Pensacola, we found the sweetest little puppy at a rescue organization called the Hotel for Cats and Dogs. It was very clear to us that everyone involved in the organization was very committed to ensuring that their animals went to loving, forever homes. Since everything felt right and we knew that we could provide those things for June Bug, we pulled the trigger and re-entered the world of puppy parenthood.

Currently, June Bug is eleven weeks old and she’s a Black Mouth Cur. Chewy wasn’t too sure about having a baby sister at first, but he has since warmed up to the idea. Actually, as I am writing this, they’re playing tug of war with each other out back at my parents’ house.

Since we brought June Bug home, there have been many sleepless nights, accidents, destroyed toys, and messes made. However, all of that is just as fleeting as her cute little puppyhood and so totally worth it. Puppies require lots and lots of patience. Luckily, Troy is a great dog dad. After all of her vaccinations are done, June Bug will be accompanying Chewy and I on adventures pretty soon and going on a few of her own.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post about what we feel like are the absolutely essential puppy supplies – NOT just the stuff that pet stores want to sell you. We’re getting down and dirty here and doing all of the field testing of plenty of puppy products.

Thanks for hanging around to watch our little pack grow. Don’t forget to follow along with all the puppy adventures on my instagram, @michellegpresley.

Cheers to double the doggie adventures!