Motivation Monday: First Quarter Goals

April of 2017 is the scariest month that exists on the calendar for me right now. For the past year or so, April of 2017 has been both my biggest fear, and the thing I look forward to the most. April of 2017 is when Troy’s terminal leave ends and he will no longer be active duty in the United States Army. It’s pretty clear, I think, why we would be looking forward to that – the freedom to travel, the ability to move closer to our families, the chance for both of us to continue our educations and find careers we’re passionate about – but the reasons why April 2017 is kind of terrifying are a little bit harder to explain.

Since Troy and I started dating in 2012, the Army has been the only life we’ve known together and one of the few constants in a long four years of change. In that time frame, I graduated from Florida State, I traveled around Europe, I moved to Kansas (and back to Florida and back to Kansas and back to Florida and back to Kansas), we got engaged, we got married, we adopted two dogs, I had more jobs than I can count, I started the blogging adventure, Troy deployed, and, thank God, he came home. And now, after all those years of change, here we are, trying to come to terms with the fact that the one thing that remained unchanged through all of those other things, is about to go away.

Despite my love of adventure, I really do not handle the unknown very well. I like to know what to expect and have a plan (read: I like to be in control). Between now and April of 2017, I’m going to lose control of a lot of things. I’ll gain control of others, and Troy and I will survive just like we always have because we’re smart cookies and a good team, but it will be a big learning curve.

Because of all the tumult that will come between right now and April, I decided to focus my first quarter goals on things that will keep me sane and grounded despite all the changes coming up in life. So here are my first quarter goals:

  1. Start practicing yoga again – 3X a week at home
  2. Get my ass in gear for this 5K in March – run 2X a week outside or on the treadmill
  3. Find a place to live and apply for at least 3 jobs in Tallahassee
  4. Make dinner at least 3X a week AND make one of those meals every week meatless
  5. Remember to take reusable bags to the grocery store (seriously I have like a million canvas bags. It’s time to stop being such a dummy)
  6. Walk the pups every day – even short walkies are better than no walkies

I figured that I could put my fear into perspective by focusing on some real issues – like the health of the planet. So that’s why a few of my goals are in place to help the world: making meatless meals and remembering my reusable bags. They’re small changes, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?.

Exercise has always helped me think more clearly and feel like less of a waste of space, so I’m making a goal to start my yoga practice up again (it’s always been a back-burner dream of mine to make a side hustle out of teaching yoga – maybe one day). I also didn’t do so hot with my running goal from the fourth quarter of 2016. But that’s why quarterly goals are cool – I just readjusted for the next 3 months. It’s seriously cold outside. So I need to get over my intense hatred of the treadmill. It’s part of life.

I made the goal to walk my dogs every day because it’s easy to slack on that when it’s very cold outside. They get out a lot as it is, but focusing more on their health and happiness will help me re-appropriate some of the time that I might spend worrying about things that are beyond my control onto more constructive things. And finally, I put a baby action plan in place to make moving to Tallahassee and transitioning away from Army life slightly easier. Worrying without doing anything to stop worrying is kind of pointless – so those are my first steps.

The first few months of 2017 are going to bring a lot of changes and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn to let go of the things I can’t change, and prepare for the things that I can.

If you missed the boat on New Years Resolutions, or if you’re like me and aren’t a fan of New Years Resolutions, quarterly goals are a great way to make changes to your life without the pressure of trying to keep up with something that isn’t working for a whole year and feeling like you failed. It’s not a failure! We grow and change, so our goals should grow and change with us! If you were looking for some motivation on short term goal setting, this is it!

What are your short term goals? I’d love to know what you’re working on!