Meet Michelle Presley

Avid adventurer, dog mom, self-proclaimed roadside barbecue connoisseur, and writer. I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in the summer of 2017 and lived in an old Ford passenger van with my husband, Troy. My time in the van shifted my whole perspective on what’s important to me. I began reconsidering my career choices, the things I owned, and how I wanted to spend my money and time. My focus has shifted to being more present in the current moment, owning less so I can do more, and devoting my time to only the things I love and am truly passionate about.


What is The Barefoot Tumbleweed?


The Barefoot Tumbleweed is a blog for anyone who seeks to live simply, intentionally, and adventurously. I believe that we should take the chance to pursue adventure in all that we do. I advocate for the enjoyment and stewardship of the natural world, being gentle to not only the planet, but to ourselves, and fiercely embarking on the adventure that is life.


Want to know more about Michelle Presley?


Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, I’ve spent time living in Tallahassee, Florida and Junction City, Kansas, and traveling all over the world in between.

After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and dual minors in Environmental Studies and Education, I became a military spouse and had to come to terms with trading my endless summer in Florida for a new life in Kansas (where there is 200% more ice scraping and snow shoveling).

After Troy separated from the Army at the beginning of 2017, we dumped all of our stuff in storage, bought a 24 year old passenger van, and traveled the U.S. for four months. My time on the road shaped who I am and inspires a lot of what I write about. Even though we have a permanent address now, I’m not remotely “settled down.”

I’m always search of some water to splash in, mountains to climb, and new trails to explore. Most of my adventures are with my husband or my pups, Koolie mix, Chewy and Black Mouth Cur mix, June Bug. I love coffee and beer and coffee flavored beer. I am most likely barefoot at any given point in time and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.



Michelle Presley